18 Ağustos 2016 Perşembe

Sketching | Corto Maltese

I'm not denying it, I was depressed for a while. I spent all summer thinking about my life. I couldn't go to the law school and I made a huge decision. And so, yeah, it was very exhausting days. Well, University wasn't the only one issue.  But you now the life, everything falls apart in front of you at the same time.

My older brother, He wanted me to draw again. I quit illustrating four years ago. Seriously! I wasn't good at it but I wasn't too bad either. Whatever, one day we went to a place that we can buy drawing materials. Of course, I was thinking that we were gonna shopping for my brother. Indeed we shopped for him but also he secretly brought some stuff for me. Later, He presented to them to me. For a long time I was happy for a moment. I mean, really happy. So I thought, why not? Maybe I could start over again! (By the way, unlike me, my brother is really talented man about drawing. You could check out his instagram: @mustafahayal)

Four years later, I sketched again. So I can say it was very first time for me, literally. Actually I was thinking that my first sketching could be on the manhwa character Shin Chae Kyung. But, baby steps, right? So this was my first sketch: The Mouse.

Then I was going for the Chae Kyung but something that reminded me Corto Maltese. And I decided to sketch it. I can say, I love reading comics. I am reading for years and I can definetly say that I am 'Batman' addict. Whatever, it was too much information but I can't stop saying that. Though, Who doesn't like Batman?!

Anyways, let's return to Corto Maltese. I also love Corto Maltese too. The sketch hasn't finished yet but I couldn't wait to finish it to add my blog. You can be sure that as soon as possible I am gonna add the final look.

Drawing really made me happy. I decided to continue it. It is time to catch up things, right? I believe that this is gonna help to get my goals! Yeap! By the way, please, feel free to give your opinion about the sketches.


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